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 About Us

Forster's is a USDA inspected facility.  This ensures that cooking temperatures, food handling and cleanliness are the best.

On-location, is our smokehouse and sausage processing equipment that lets us provide the best possible product and service.


Our orginal location in Plymouth


Back in 1947, Ronald and Dewetta Forster opened the original store in Plymouth, Minnesota.   Three generations have now continued the family business.  Likewise, many customers also come from three generations of Forster"s shoppers.

Many old family recipes are still being followed today, including Swedish sausage, smoked country sausage, ham, bacon & ribs.

Forster's Catering is famous for their unique Pig Roasts. No one does it better!  We are also famous for our BBQ Rib Combo and Steak Fry Buffets . They're perfect for wedding receptions, backyard parties or local park picnics.

We can also handle any type of business or  professional event.  In the summer of 1998 we serviced the LPGA Golf Tournament held at Rush Creek Golf Course.   We have kept many loyal repeat customers by listening to, and accommodating their changing needs.

Big or small, every home is a castle when Forster's Catering is on the job!